Notes Mag : Nice Free WP Theme

I find this nice free WP theme from my latest amazon book. If you’re know a bit about PHP and WP, this is for you. Notes Mag theme enable custom loops and multiple widgets area. Nice theme framework for power user like you.

Download Notes Mag Free WP Theme Here

Notes Mag theme is fully explain in this book :

Where To Get Datafeed Files From

Simple question but crucial : Where do I get datafeed file ? Datafeed is a text file with thousands of products descriptions and embedded affiliateID links for you to publish and receive commissions from your sales. Best of all, it’s free. Remember, in the past you had to pay 250$ just to get access to those datafeed. Datafeed is a true goldmine for affiliates.

Login to -> Account -> Services -> Create Product Export

Create Product Export Datafeed File From

Export Datafeed Separated With PIPE “|” Export Datafeed With PIPE Separated

Export Datafeed With PIPE Separated

CJ-Datafeed Break The 1000 Downloads Barrier!

I just release CJ-Datafeed v1.04. This new version get rid of footer links that I added in v1.02 and fix the first datafeed row issue ( column description ). CJ-Datafeed now validate if datafeed row is in valid format before processing it, thank to kaspar for is nice input.

CJ-Datafeed have now been downloaded over a thousand of time ! I Hope you all success.

CJ-Datafeed Plugin Stats

Official CJ-Datafeed Demo Website

Hello folks, I build this new demo website

100% CJ-Datafeed Powered !

Use WampServer To Develop Your Website

Wamp will install Apache, PHP and MySQL server on your PC. You can run WP site to try new plugins or themes. It’s best to do errors offline and locally than on a live website. Almost everyone use it, just in case you’re still didn’t know.

Download WampServer

MsComic 3Columns Free Theme WP 3.0 Ready

This is a nice free WordPress 3.0 ready theme. Enjoy new widget placement like top, bottom and 4 footers area.

MsComic 3Col Screenshot

Free MsComic 3Columns With Widgets Support WP3.0
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