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Notes Mag : Nice Free WP Theme

I find this nice free WP theme from my latest amazon book. If you’re know a bit about PHP and WP, this is for you. Notes Mag theme enable custom loops and multiple widgets area. Nice theme framework for power user like you.

Download Notes Mag Free WP Theme Here

Notes Mag theme is fully explain in this book :

Create CJ WP Theme With Artisteer

If you use CJ-Datafeed plugin, you sure need a custom theme for your CJ affiliate website. Artisteer enable you to create professional looking WP theme the easy way. Artisteer software is the reference for auto theme generator. Artisteer it’s sold for few bucks, less than a theme you need to create or buy. Full package include theme generator for others CMS like Joomla. I didn’t need thoses so I purchased the basic version able to generate only WP themes ( about 50$ US). Don’t be a jerk by trying to hack this nice software. It’s so cheap for the power you get from it. You can resold generated themes and repaid your investment ( a joke ) in no time.

#1 WordPress Theme Generator. Instantly create great looking and professional WordPress Themes.

You can try Artisteer for free. Fully functionnal except than you will be unable to save you work and theme files will have watermarks on it. But you still can generate a theme and try it with WP before buying it.

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Hello folks, I use Artisteer to create all my WP themes. theme is a example of Artisteer power. It support WP 3.01 with custom header menu and new widgets placement. For the price of a single WP theme, you can build, share or sale your work to the world. Best of all you can download it for free and try it before buying.If Artisteer sound new for you, try it now, it could be your theme problem solver !

#1 WordPress Theme Generator. Instantly create great looking and professional WordPress Themes.

Artisteer - WordPress Theme Generator

Official CJ-Datafeed Demo Website

Hello folks, I build this new demo website

100% CJ-Datafeed Powered !

MsComic 3Columns Free Theme WP 3.0 Ready

This is a nice free WordPress 3.0 ready theme. Enjoy new widget placement like top, bottom and 4 footers area.

MsComic 3Col Screenshot

Free MsComic 3Columns With Widgets Support WP3.0
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