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Instructions For Updating CJ-Datafeed < v1.5

In WP 3.1.2, they didn’t deactivate plugin anymore when updating it… doh.

If you do automatic update, you need to deactivate and reactivate CJ-Datafeed v1.5 to create template system values.

If you get empty template values and no “v1.5” show in admin pages, simply deactivate and reactivate CJ-Datafeed.

If it’s your first installation, have no worry about that.


CJ-Datafeed v1.5 Released

You will be please to use the latest version of CJ-Datafeed.

I redesign the admin interface to take advantage of the WP functions to display nice form and user messages. I implement some security features too. I now use the function “nounce” that WP provide to prevent malicious access to CJ-Datafeed forms.

I fixed several bugs in the post import loop. I also fix the categories creation and timestamp for future post. It’s was very ugly … I lacked WP knowledge when I first wrote the code. Lucky you, I’m getting better everyday !

I’m now trying to implement what I learn from my new book Professional WordPress Plugin Development. It’s a real must have for serious WP coders. I should have this one earlier…

WP Multisites is still not supported but it will be soon. I had to fix the upload process to support MU installation.

Coding and fixing things is time consuming, your support is vital. If you are a active user and enjoy CJ-Datafeed, don’t forget to share your success with a donation.

WP Rules !

CJ-Datafeed Latest News…

Dear CJ-Datafeed users,

You will be please to know that I’m actively working on CJ-Datafeed v1.5 from this past couple days. I just finish the new admin interface. I’m now looking to core functions to fix some bugs that you experience and report.

Lots of stuffs is on the grill to improve the CJ-Datafeed experience… be back for more…



Objective to release v1.5 -> 2-3 weeks


CJ-Datafeed v1.05 Released

I just implement a new delete function in CJ-Datafeed v1.05. You can now delete posts by specific advertisers. This is very useful when a advertiser get expired from You can also use this new function to purge low conversion program from your website.

Download CJ-Datafeed v1.05 Here

Stay tune for more !

CJ-Datafeed Generating False Clicks

Be sure to uncheck the “Attempt to notify any blogs linked in from the article” option in WP-Admin->Settings->Discussion before importing datafeed with CJ-Datafeed plugin.

I tested it with my new CJ-API plugin that use the same “create_post()” WP function and it fix the false click problem that CJ affiliates experienced lately.

I didn’t tested with CJ-Datafeed yet ( I’m 100% busy with CJ-API ) but it should fix it.

I plan to release a update to uncheck this option automatically before importing new post. Check for CJ-Datafeed v1.05 coming soon

CJ-Datafeed Video Tutorial How To Install

This is a 4min tutorial video to show you how quick and easy it’s to install and use CJ-Datafeed plugin. Have a quick look here:

CJ-Datafeed Free WordPress Plugin HowTo Install Post By Hytekk

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